Friday, 22 February 2008

Pécs - Capital of Culture 2010

My hometown, Pécs has won the title European Capital of Culture 2010. To me it is the most beautiful and exciting city in the world, that has a little bit of everything. I made this wallhanging as part of my course work on a textile decoration course to celebrate Pécs.

The windows open and close to show various features of the city.

Zsolnay-fountain with the mythical bull-head.
Silk painting

TV-tower situated on top of the Mecsek Hill
Fabric paints, bleach, stitching

Clock-tower of the Town Hall building
Fabric paint, padded quilting

Stencilling, padded quilting

Turkish mosque situated in the main square
Photocopy and transfer ink on screen-mesh fabric

The Cathedral
Puff paint, machine stitching

Fabric paints on hessian, freeform crochet

Thursday, 14 February 2008


I have just submitted a design for the Go Superlambananas project. It's a famous sculpture in Liverpool warning about the dangers of genetic "tampering". I hope to make something unusual and dress up my lambanana in a freeform garment. Results will be given in March.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Plastic garden - gas station project

I'm working on my panel for the Gas Station Project by the Fiber Collaborative. I decided to use plastic bags to show how ugly they are. And it's waterproof - a definite advantage for this project.

I started with a chain trellis base crocheted out of supermarket plastic bags and when I was halfway through I realized that I had used a few biodegradable bags!!! So I had to start again, this time with nylon string. As it is rather stretchy, I stitched cotton tape around the edges to stabilize the sahpe and size.

Here's the work in progress, all plastic. The orange dominates at the moment, not only because it's my favourite colour but also because somebody who shops in Sainsbury's gave me her stash.

The panel is quite large and I realized I have to corhet an awful lot of flowers and leaves to cover the base and the plastic started to hurt my fingers, so I started fusing fabric and cutting leaves out. These are the bags fused together with a hot iron in between layers of baking paper:

I cut some leaves out of the fused bags, arranged and again fused them together. I also folded them in half and just pressed the iron down (over the paper of course!) to make a crease in the midlle so that they look 3D. I will stitch them to the base using the same nylon string.

Updated photo. More flowers and leaves added, I've started stitching them to the base.