Friday, 18 January 2008

Freeform capelet

This miserable English winter made me turn to bright colours. I ordered some beautiful wool from wollfactory in Germany. It's Zitron Loft Color in a gorgeous shade of orange changing to purple. Inspired by the IFF coral reef project I made this coral capelet.



tangled stitch said...

What a lovely cape. I really love the colors and the intricate pattern.

Sheila said...

Hi Ildi

Your stuff is lovely as ever. I wish you were closer so you could inspire me in person. I just can't get going again though I did put some colours in a clear plastic box but haven't done anything with them. What's it to do with a petrol station??

Listen to this, I belong to a local craft group - was a Machine Knitting Club - for about 20 years. I really go for relaxation but recently I've been teaching a small group to crochet - third lesson was on Monday.

I actually pay to go to this group - not much but pay I do. I made some remark on Monday about the pay not being very good but nobody noticed!!!! I don't mind really!!!

Ha Ha

Love Sheila