Thursday, 19 June 2008

Uk crochet coral reef

On June 11th the Hyperbolic Coral Reef exhibition opened in London. The work of contributors from around the world are exhibited in the Hayward, while the UK contributions can be seen in the Royal Festival Hall. It is the most amazing, most creative expression of fibre arts I've ever seen, every single piece is a work of art. What better way to find than fibre arts to express our concern about all the junk we dump in our oceans slowly destroying and killing off coral reefs?

I met up with Inga and Helle, two people whose work I admire a lot. We also discovered Anita Bruce, who makes the most interesting knitted evolutionary jellyfish specimens that you can see here.
You can see a whole lot of photos of both reefs on my Flickr page. If you recognise a piece you contributed, feel free to put a note over it.

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Marines said...

Your works are amaizing!! You are my favorite!!